Application Centre India

TFL Application Centre India

The Application Centre India (ACI) has been established in the TFL Quinn India plant in Ranipet, Tamilnadu. The centre is well equipped with modern machinery in both wet-end and finishing. Technical workshops are conducted in the Application centre for TFL technicians as well as for the customers regarding technical novelties in all production processes.

In the center, we can simulate real industrial production processes for all kinds of leathers in both Wet End and Finishing. It gives us the possibility to provide specific services for TFL key customers and will be used for the creation and presentation of new fashion articles, according to the latest trends.
Additionally, we can provide training for B.Tech, Leather Technology Students from CLRI, Chennai and GCELT, Kolkata.

Customer Article Development: In the Application Centre, customers leathers are developed according to the latest style combined with evergreen articles, representing the traditional Indian market. In the main display room, a permanent leather collection is exhibited, illustrating the latest fashion trends as inspiration to visitors and to encourage customers to adopt new effects on their own leathers.

Contact persons:

Mr. Athiyamaan Solomon, Head of Application Centre India, Ranipet, Mobile: +91 82200 11770
Mr. Subramanian Pandyarajan, ACI- Wet End, Mobile:+91 98403 16470

TFL India also offers Service Centres in Chennai, Kanpur, Kolkata and Vaniyambadi.