Application Centre Brazil

TFL Application Centre Brazil

The modern centre, built in 2005, is located in São Leopoldo, south of Brazil; it occupies 1.500 square meters and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. The ground floor hosts the wet-end and finishing laboratories, the physical testing room, the showroom and the conference room; and the first floor hosts the offices of our technical/commercial team.

The centre supports all the customers and export companies of Latin America – among them there are the factories of garment, shoe upper, upholstery and automotive leather, the technicians, stylists and students.

In the centre we conduct, mainly, works of articles development. There is a very big concern to show the public that our country is able to create and produce fashion articles – according to the latest trends – of excellent quality. In addition, the centre has enough capacity to process the first batches of production of these same items, locally developed.

In the centre still occur meetings, trainings, presentations and workshops, and once a year it is also used to organize big fairs where the articles and fashion trends for leather are presented, as well as several studies and works about the upgrading of Brazilian leathers, which aim covered/finished articles, but with a natural appearance and nice touch. For further information please contact José Paulo Silva.